Why you’re losing service sales

Why you’re losing service sales

Identify The Problem

The automotive repair industry is no different than any other. When broken down to the bare essentials, the goal is to make money, grow and pay your employees a living wage and prosper. When you’re going through a tough time and struggling to sell service many scramble looking for a reason. 

Just like in any tough situation you cannot let the panic win. If you do, you’ll certainly feel the pain. In this blog, we’re going to show you how to turn these lost sales into opportunities for future growth. If you’ve never done a SWOT analysis this is the best time to do one. 

Look at your business STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. Strengths and weaknesses are internal while opportunities and threats are external. Doing a swot chart is a great way to identify your weaknesses you may not have identified before. By identifying weaknesses the smart business owner looks to these as opportunities for growth and training. 

Reality Check, You’re In Sales

As automotive professionals, we may think of ourselves only as technicians. What you don’t realize is that you’re actually in sales, just like any retail business. Ultimately it’s your job to sell service, sell your customers products they need and add on items! 

In fact, everyone on Earth is essentially in sales. Whether you’re trying to sell your friend your old car, your parents on ditching cable, your wife on a snowblower-you get the point. For this reason, its crucial shops train all their employees in SALES. Learn sales tricks, tips and effective techniques to sell more. Teach the whole team these sales tricks. Sure it may be most beneficial to your advisors, but when your techs have a firm understanding of sales techniques they can give your advisors more ammo that they need to sell a tough customer. 

If you want to teach your staff the sales techniques they need you to have a lot of options. There are local community colleges that offer courses, you can do online courses like this one from LinkedIn. You could also watch some YouTube videos to understand the basics for free. 

Now sales skills are one of the most common reasons you’re losing sales. Other than missing this skill set the other most common reason you miss sales is not having a proper inspection process in place. 

Poor inspection and reporting process 

Most shops today are still using paper vehicle inspections. While they may be easy to use, and what your staff know, you need to realize they just aren’t effective. 

These paper inspections don’t provide customers with an in-depth report people simply need nowadays. When you’re only telling them what service they need, you’re not really telling them the why without pictures of the problem. You need to be able to answer the question “so what?”. 

To sell achieve this you simply need to back up your claims with the facts. To do this more and more shops are seeing the opportunity that digital vehicle inspections provide. 

These new inspections offer shops the ability to include images, videos and even animations of exactly what the problem is in a customer’s car. Customers are able to see the why regarding a service advisor’s recommendations on their inspection reports. Customers can effectively see exactly what the techs saw while working on their vehicles. 

When they understand the problem and see it with clear images and video it does wonders for customer trust. When you have a customer’s trust you can sell them anything. This isn’t only an inspection tool, rather the best sales tool a shop can have. 

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Samantha Freeman