How AutoServe1 Helped Lacombe Win 2019 CARS Magazine Shop of the Year

Elaine and Donnie Lysons, owners of Lacombe Auto Service, came into the auto repair industry with the same goals and the same problems as auto repair shop owners around the country.

They wanted to have a successful auto repair shop. They endeavored for a shop where their customers can get quality repairs done, be aware of upcoming maintenance and repairs and the ability to offer excellent customer service throughout.

In their quest to take over their new business and bring it up to their standards they faced several problems. They realized that the traditional way of doing things was inefficient, chaotic and was hindering them from their ultimate goal of serving customers better.

“It was chaotic (before AutoServe1),” said Donnie. “there was no inspection process per se and we realized that was a drawback in the business.”

The Lysons fearlessly embraced change and transformed their shop’s efficiency, record keeping, and their customer’s experience.

One of the changes they embraced was the implementation of AutoServe1’s software. As a result of their very calculated changes, Lacombe Auto Service won CARS magazine Shop of the Year for 2019.

“AutoServe1 is part of us winning the award,” said Donnie. “AutoServe1 has systems in place that provide value to the business.”

How AutoServe1 Helped Customers

  1. Engaged Younger Car Owners – It’s no secret that millennials detest speaking on the phone. Elaine confirmed that this was the same thing she noticed with her young customers.”The younger crowd are very comfortable with texts, they aren’t comfortable with speaking on the phone as much,” said Elaine. “For them, it’s a more appealing process versus the old traditional way of talking to them about their repairs over the phone or across the counter”. AutoServe1 was, therefore, a favorite with younger customers due to its two-way texting feature. The auto service professionals were able to send them digital inspections of their car through photos and videos.
  2. Caters to Busy Customers – The Lyson’s reiterated what we already knew, people are busy.Customers are able to see and approve repairs with the swipe of a finger from anywhere. They don’t have to pause what they’re doing to take a phone call or come in.”The ability to quickly glance a text, no matter where they are (and) see the report, is just more efficient with their time,” said Elaine.It can also save time when customers do have a conversation with the auto shops because they would have already seen the photos and videos of the inspection along with other recommended repairs.
  3. Build Trust Between Customer and Repair Shops – As you know all too well, customers tend not to like being surprised with additional repairs when they carry in their car for a specific problem.They might feel as though they’re being tricked into forking out more money. With AutoServe1’s digital inspections, Lacombe Auto Service was able to look more transparent and bring customers comfort thus building trust.”Transparency is key in this business to survive,” mentioned Donnie.Digital inspections provide photo and video evidence of the problems as they come up in the inspection. This way customers can see the problem areas themselves and having the evidence sent as they come up eliminates the dreaded feeling of the customer being ambushed when they come to pick up the vehicle.

How AutoServe1 Helped Lacombe Auto Service 

  1. Helped Them to Stay Competitive – The Lysons admitted that many other shops are using digital inspections and the most common software being used was AutoServe1.”The vast majority (of companies using digital inspection) was using AutoServe1 so we didn’t look at any other platforms, we trusted the group,” admitted Elaine.Utilizing it would, therefore, mean they aren’t left behind as times change and they can give their shop a fighting chance of success through simply being competitive and trusting the software the other auto shops use.
  2. Saves Time – Digital inspections save time. In addition to that, since the process is consistent, doing it over and over means that the inspections and the work goes even faster.”The time saving came down to consistency,” Donnie noted. “It’s the same process every time and just like everything else, once you repeat an activity over and over again, you get better at it.”In addition to that, customers approving repairs faster means that service professionals can get the work done faster thus the shop can take on additional work. The old saying of “time is money” is appropriate here because more money will be made.
  3. Increases Repair Orders – It’s been proven over time that digital inspections lead to more repairs being approved. This goes back to the ease of approving repairs and building customer trust. The Lysons admitted that they make an additional $100-$150 per work order since using AutoServe1. This is as a result of more repair orders being approved.
  4. Builds a Good Reputation – The Lysons spoke about the importance of building a good reputation that goes beyond the employment of a single member of staff. AutoServe1 allows for consistency because there are set systems in place.Customers can be sure they’ll get quality service regardless of who is working on their car.

The Lyson’s Tips on Incorporating AutoServe1

Even with the challenges they might have faced, the Lysons are still glad they opted for AutoServe1. They’ve graciously offered some tips in incorporating the software as they believe “An honest shop must embrace it”:

  • Timing is Important – They concluded that incorporating AutoServe1 during a slower business period could make the transition go smoother.
  • Have a conversation with the staff – Conversing and training the staff will only be beneficial. Expect an adjustment period.

Their technicians loved the idea of digital inspection, yours might too. Click here to find out how you can incorporate AutoServe1 into your auto service business and become a more competitive auto service business.