October Pro Founder Tip From Jamie Cuthbert

Do you know how you feel at your favorite friend’s house when you walk in the door?  You always want to go back and spend more time.
Not because they have the best house but because you feel the most welcome.  You can be just you.  No filters – everything is open for talking about.  THAT is the environment we want to help you create with our digital inspections in your welcome area of the shop.
You show the customers photos of what’s up so you and your team can talk about how to take the best care of them.  No more selling – just more open communication and this always leads to customers buying more service – every time.  Hope you will take 3 minutes and consider our story this month.  Give your shop that feeling that you get when you walk into your buddy’s place.  Good things happen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s Pro Founder Tip!

Jamie Cuthbert,

Founder and President at AutoServe1