6 Common (Expensive) Mistakes Service Repair Shops Make

Here’s Our List Of Costly Mistakes Service Repair Shops Make


1) Misdiagnosing A Vehicle’s Problem

When a customer brings their vehicle into a service repair shop to fix an issue with their car, they have trust in the mechanic. They expect the mechanic to know what the problem is, and how to fix it.

When the mechanic makes a mistake and misdiagnosis a vehicle’s problem, it leaves the customer frustrated. In turn, the customer is left spending more time and money on a fix that didn’t need to be addressed.


2) Failing To Have A Social Media Presence 

More people are online than ever before and that number is only growing every day. It is not only an expectation anymore for businesses to have an online presence. It’s a requirement.

To be successful in this digital age, it’s imperative for businesses to embrace social media and engage with customers. Especially since more younger people are on the road every year, and are going to need to learn about where to take their vehicle for servicing, if you don’t have a social presence then expect them to take their business to the competition that has a great Instagram page, Facebook page, and even a Snapchat account.


 3) Rushing Service Repair Jobs

When mechanics are rushing service jobs to push clients out the door as soon as possible to get more jobs done, they sacrifice standards. When work is rushed, it’s also much more likely for something to be missed.

It’s important to have a workflow system that ensures mechanics don’t miss anything and that everyone is on the same page. If you want the job to be done right you need to take your time and ensure business standards are met.

When standards are met, and customers are leaving with quality work done to their car you can expect repeat business. Not only may it cost you repeat business by rushing jobs, but your online rating will suffer too. Clients will come back demanding their money and/or the car to be fixed again.


4) Unqualified Mechanics

Unfortunately, a lot of shops have their reputation ruined by unqualified mechanics. When hiring a new mechanic to join the team, do a proper background check and ensure their credentials are valid.

It will save you a lot of headaches and money if they perform poor service jobs and lose your business valued customers. Another example of unqualified mechanics is when the new hire isn’t properly trained.

When an employee may not know something, instead of the supervisor showing them the right way, they may just do it themselves because they are so confident in their abilities. This leaves the mechanic without a learning opportunity, and a potential future mistake happening when the supervisor isn’t around.


5)  No Employee Of The Month Program

Show your employees you care about them and show appreciation for their hard work.

A little gratitude and appreciation towards the hard work they give you day in and day out working on cars can really boost employee morale. When employees are happy and feel appreciated, it will be no surprise when the quality and efficiency of their work improves.


6)  No Clear Communication With The Customer

Too many times communication is a barrier to mechanics and customers alike. Whether customers are busy and can’t answer the phone at the moment, or are in a meeting and can’t get out for a phone call there’s a variety of reasons why service jobs can be held up.

When there’s clear communication, the service pipeline can really get going and you can start getting more jobs done. This can be done by implementing a new progressive means of communication like text messaging, social media or messaging apps to communicate.

When there is little communication it can even reduce your average repair orders. Customers are already skeptical about repair shops, and when “recommended” service is offered they are doubtful. When the customer understands with clear communication and evidence why repairs are recommended, you can see improved average repair orders.


How Can We Help Push Your Business In The Right Direction?

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