The Annual NADA Conference Is Here!

Women In Automotive

A big focus at the NADA conference in 2019 is ”Women in Automotive”. Women make up around 20% of the overall dealership workforce.

We’re noticing a lot of dealerships attempting to make themselves more appealing to women.

Not only are they trying to bridge the gender gap, but they are trying to get women more confident in bringing their vehicle in to a dealership to get serviced.

There’s a new, modern vehicle inspection process called digital vehicle inspections. Through this process, service centers and customers can build a lasting relationships built on trust and transparency.

Now with digital vehicle inspections, women who feel like they need more confidence going into the service center can feel like they’re the boss. Informative photos, videos and more offer these women clear, consistent explanations of service.

When they have a sense of why service is recommended (without a big burly guy explaining and unintentionally intimidating them)  they get the confidence needed to approve service repairs.

It’s Time To Escape From The Minimum, Small Invoices We’re Use To

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The annual National Automobile Dealers Association conference in San Francisco. It’s the best time of the year to learn all about the industry, what trends are taking the industry by storm and more.

We love it. That’s why we flew from our headquarters in Toronto, Canada to take part, grow connections and show auto dealers the future of the dealership. Being in San Fran, it’s no better time then to plan your escape out of small invoices and really keep your customers for life. It’s time to really grow your dealership’s service center.

Throughout our dealership connections across North America, there’s one term we hear over and over.  “customer experience” is what’s top of everyone’s mind. This is great news, dealerships need to do all they can in this information age to deliver exceptional customer service to all.

From the beginning of the sales process to closing the deal and even when it’s time they drive off the lot it’s absolutely crucial to go above in beyond for the customer.

After the Sale

After the sale is when dealerships can really nurture their customers and develop lasting relationships. We recommend introducing your customer to the service department right after the sale. Make it personable, introduce service advisors, technicians, really anybody in the department.

This immediately develops a relationship with your service department. Offer freebies such as free wiper blades, car wash, etc. You can even try to upsell service packages/warranties so for every repair the new car the bought needs they take it to your service department.

Once the customer takes their car to the service department, impress them with digital vehicle inspection software.

With this software, you can send them extremely detailed vehicle inspections featuring photos, videos and more. Better yet? You can send them all this right to their smartphones, AND they can approve of work from there! No voicemails, or wasted communications.

Save time, increase average invoices, build trust with customers through transparency in inspections. This is what our product is all about.  

We’re so proud of our product, we conducted a case study. We analyzed 600,000 invoices &  found an average increase of 25% on the repair orders of over 200 shops who use our digital vehicle inspection software.

Dealers everywhere are looking for products to innovate and improve the customer experience.  We developed our digital vehicle inspection software with this top of mind.

To be an industry leader in that initiative is beyond exciting for our team and our customers too.


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